Sector Four is the central city-state of the robot controlled territory in a distant future where artificially intelligent robots have removed humans from civilization. The humans, who had become so dependent on their creations are forced to live in remote regions of the world. Their only hope to come out of hiding is a network of robots given artificial empathy who are sympathetic to the human cause.

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  • Sector Four is on Comixology! 18 August 2014, 3:40 pm


    I’m really excited to announce that the first season of Sector Four is now available on Comixology! Not only can you get it to read on the Comixology app, but you can also download a DRM free version that you can put anywhere.

    The 67 page collection includes the entire first season as well as the 10 page prologue and a bunch of early character designs and sketches. All that for only $3.99.

    If you’ve already read the comic but still want to support it, spread the word! You could also give it a rating on Comixology. Everything helps!

    Thanks for your support.



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