Sector Four is the central city-state of the robot controlled territory in a distant future where artificially intelligent robots have removed humans from civilization. The humans, who had become so dependent on their creations are forced to live in remote regions of the world. Their only hope to come out of hiding is a network of robots given artificial empathy who are sympathetic to the human cause.

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  • Sector Four – Episode 4 8 September 2014, 8:34 pm

    Episode 4 of Sector Four is now available. We meet Kin and DUWI for the first time and find out the details of Kin’s disappearance. We also get a first look at Vector. He’s not the nicest of robots. This was a fun little flashback to work on and gives some good insight into a couple significant characters in the story.

    Also we’re settling into our new update schedule which has become a new episode every two weeks.

    Thanks for reading.


  • Sector Four – Episode 3 25 August 2014, 11:21 am

    The third episode of Sector Four is now available. 26 takes some down time after his previous mission and is contacted by his handler with some disturbing news. This is a shorter episode only because of how the original pages fell, and it’ll be the shortest episode of the series. I had a little fun playing with the background and it also gives a little insight into 26′s character that’s not completely obvious if you buzz through it quickly.

  • site redesign 20 August 2014, 7:00 am


    You might have noticed that has recently relaunched with a new design. You might also notice that the more than just the design changed. I wanted to take a minute to explain. When I started Sector Four, I did so with the desire to tell a long-form story and serialize it online. I thought doing a page a week would be a good update schedule. What I didn’t really think about was how the reading experience would be with one typical graphic novel style page available every week. As much as I really do like the story, the format and update schedule really did it no favors and it was pretty evident with the way the readership fell off. I still want to tell long-form stories and I still think the internet is a really good delivery system for it, but I realized very quickly that I wanted to find a better way to format them.

    After doing a good bit of research and playing around with a few different things, I’ve finally settled on what I think would be a good process for publishing comics online. The concept is mostly focused on telling a decent bit of story on it’s own that is a small part of the larger story. It’s more like episodes of a TV series. You get small chunks of story that make up the greater whole. What I was doing previously was more like showing a movie in five minute bits with a week’s time between each one. That doesn’t make it very easy to really get into the story.

    So season one of Sector Four is sort of a guinea pig for this new concept. While it wasn’t written for these different episodes, I’ve broken it apart into what I think are good chunks of story. I’ve also changed something else about the formatting. Instead of traditional graphic novel style pages, I’m using more of a storyboard or slideshow style with the panels. If you’re a fan of digital comics, you’ve probably heard of (if not, they’re doing some really good stuff – go check them out). The style they’re using is more of what I’m going for.

    This is all largely an experiment to find a better way to tell stories online, so I’m sure it’ll evolve as we go. As always, any thoughts or feedback you have is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading, and check out the new site.

    Sector Four website redesign

  • Sector Four is on Comixology! 18 August 2014, 3:40 pm


    I’m really excited to announce that the first season of Sector Four is now available on Comixology! Not only can you get it to read on the Comixology app, but you can also download a DRM free version that you can put anywhere.

    The 67 page collection includes the entire first season as well as the 10 page prologue and a bunch of early character designs and sketches. All that for only $3.99.

    If you’ve already read the comic but still want to support it, spread the word! You could also give it a rating on Comixology. Everything helps!

    Thanks for your support.



  • Comics update 27 March 2014, 10:43 pm

    It’s been a really long time since I posted a comic out on the interwebs. I don’t like this fact. When the first story arc for Sector Four ended and As the Grass Grows came to a close, I never intended for my comic making hiatus to last this long, but here we are. “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans” as the saying goes. Well, even though life has been happening and things haven’t gone exactly as I expected, I’ve still been making plans and things have been moving – if only slowly. So I figured I’d send out an update of what’s going on.

    Sector Four – season one
    Yes the first story arc is done but I’m not quite done with it yet. If you followed along from the beginning, you’ll know about my fascination with the experimentation going on with digital comics from the folks at Thrillbent and I’ve always intended that Sector Four would follow a similar format at some point. Well, that point is very soon. I’ve been working to redesign the site and the format with which the comic is displayed. I’m not sure of a relaunch date yet, but when it happens the comic pages as they currently exist will not be available online. This is all by design and my intention is to make the first book available in a couple different formats… digital and possibly in print. When I get a little closer to the relaunch date, I’ll make a formal announcement but that’s coming in the not too distant future.

    Sector Four – season two
    This is where experimentation and life in general have caused my plans to change. As of now, I’m going to put the next chapter of Sector Four on hold for a bit… which brings me to what I’ll be working on next…

    Yet un-named comic project
    I’ve been playing with some different styles for my art and design and, as it goes, some ideas that were in the back of my mind have forced their way into the forefront. So the next comic on my digital drawing board won’t be Sector Four – although it won’t be leaving that universe… maybe just planet earth. I’m going to explore what happened to the humans who left earth after the robot revolution. So I’ll be posting a lot of concept art here and on my tumblr page and on twitter. I’m really excited about where this is going and I hope you’ll check it out.

    As for life chugging along as it does, things have gone a bit slower than I would have liked because of an unscheduled (but in a good way) house move that my family and I will be making in a couple months. So while I’m super excited about the projects I’m working on, they likely won’t see the light of day for a good bit still.

    So as life continues to happen, I’m still defiantly making plans and one day those plans will come to life. Hopefully sooner than later.


  • Staying on Character 4 December 2013, 1:12 pm


    I wanted to share some process work for Sector Four. One area in my artwork that I’m trying to improve and something that stood out to me in doing the prologue story that I created was that I need to put more effort into what animators call “staying on character”. Making sure the proportions are correct and the characters look the same from image to image.

    An exercise I used to help me out with this was to break the character down to basic shapes and look at how they relate to each other. This is a pretty easy task with adobe illustrator (I actually use illustrator for all of my drawing, but even you anti-illustrator folks would find this easy to do in there).

    In order to keep him symmetrical, I started just doing one half and then used the reflect tool to get the other half (see images below). It took a good bit of trial and error, after seeing how the reflected half threw off what I thought was good when only looking at the first half.

    After that I filled in the base colors that I’ll be using. This was really handy to have around and reference when working on the comic:

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