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When humans become too reliant on technology, to the point where artificially intelligent robots decide they can run more efficiently without them, there’s a bit of a problem. The humans are expelled from civilization by the technology they created.

In an attempt to get back to the prominence they once held, the humans create a network of robot spies to work within the robot civilization. One of these spies is APA-26 (or just 26 to those that know him). After acquiring an upgrade of human emotions, 26 begins to wonder if he’s actually alive and if so, what’s his purpose in life. He tries to “earn” his humanity by helping the humans, but deep down he knows he’s “just a machine”.

About Brad

Hey, I’m Brad. I’m a web designer and cartoonist. I’ve been designing webs for over 10 years now and have been making cartoons for longer than I can remember. After self publishing several comic books and drawing backup stories for other creators, I decided to put my experience on the day job together with my love of comics in 2008 to launch the strip As the Grass Grows. After a few years of working on it, I realized I had a story in my brain that I couldn’t get rid of, so I put As the Grass Grows on hiatus to launch Sector Four. I live in Manchester, PA (really a suburb of Baltimore, MD) with my amazingly supportive wife, son, and daughter.
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